Who we are

Always By Your Side

Wyatt Mello


Jenny Rupp


Eveline Treffers

Risk Management
& People Operations

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Larry Shupnick

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What we do

Here for you, every step of the way.

Red Bench is more than just a long seat made for sharing. Red Bench is a mindset; a state of mind where a set of select values are cornerstone to our service and the communities we are committed to serving.

With passion comes emotions and life. This passion runs red in our hearts and the hearts of our residents. We share this treasure with one another and find that the physical Red Bench is also shared.

First and foremost, the Red Bench is a meeting place, and as the definition states, is used by more than one person. If we see a team member, resident or guest sitting on the Red Bench alone, we know that it is a signal that they have something to share. Whether something good or bad, we are there for each other. Secondly, Red Benches are used as wayfinding points to mark points of egress during an emergency. Lastly, the Red Bench is home – Home to the passion within all of us and home to our community. Welcome home.

Why we do it

Values and Vision

Transparent and Honest Communication

• Among our team, residents, families, and the healthcare community
• Not only for the good things for also for the difficult to talk about topics
• Listen
• Questions can be as meaningful as statements

Sound Judgement

• Mission over Margin
• 100% sound decision making 100% of the time
• Speak your belief and keep an open mind

Authentic Empathy

• Your shoes are my shoes
• Effective responses

Passionate Creativity

• We seek safe and efficient alternatives
• Everything we touch should ‘create’ something good
• We put our hearts into everything we touch or create


• Our work is incredibly important for many reasons and for many people
• Our work has a ripple effect
• Our work impacts individuals, families, communities and large populations

Grit and Perseverance

• Through adversity comes achievement
• Fostering a positive and optimistic mindset